Al-Arqam making a comeback

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

KLANG: Former Al-Arqam member and legal adviser Zabidi Mohamed said the setting up of the controversial Ikhwan Poly-gamy Club was an attempt to revive the now-defunct movement.

The club is being led by one of Al-Arqam founder Ashaari Muhamad’s wives, Hatijah Aam, and its members are all from the movement as well.

“The name and the packaging may be different, but the people leading it are the same ones behind the banned Al-Arqam movement,” said Zabidi.

Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd manages the club, which was set up last month.

Zabidi added that Global Ikhwan was set-up by former Al-Arqam members after their previous outfit, Rufaqa Corporation Sdn Bhd, was busted by the religious authorities a few years ago.

Given his deep involvement with the movement prior to his detention under the Internal Security Act in 1994, Zabidi said he could sense that an aggressive revival of the movement was underway.

“I just don’t have concrete proof to support this, but I know the revival is happening now. I also know for a fact that Ashaari’s family will not give up,” added Zabidi.

He said the Home Ministry and the Islamic Development Depart-ment (Jakim) should embark on a pro-active stance to curb the club’s activities before things get out of control.

“Keeping close tabs on the former Al-Arqam members and their activities is insufficient to curb them from spreading their activities and doctrine,” he said.

There should be more pro-active measures taken including educating Muslims on why they should keep away from activities organised by the former Al-Arqam members, added Zabidi.

He said he had heard from sources that Hatijah was running the show now, as Ashaari was frail and bed-ridden. - The Star


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